From Our Customers
From Our Customers
Packaging was amazing. The hair color is gorgeous. The hair is soft to the touch and tangle-free. It is nicely plucked. Overall it is a very nice wig.
— Tina Roman
From Our Customers
Curl Pattern: 10/10 It comes with beautiful curls, just like the picture. It hold curls well even after being washed.

Shedding: 9/10 I washed it once and hardly any hair shed.

Knots Bleached: 7/10 comes with a slightly bleached, but I have experience with wigs, sonI think it can be bleached easily, and dont think it will shed more after being bleached.

Quality of Lace: 9 /10 it’s transparent lace, it matched my skin perfectly.

Fit: 10/10 there are elastic bands in the back, so it fit my head perfectly.
Color: 10/10 same like the pictures, love the blonde highlight sooo much!

Smell: 10/10 no bad chemical smell. I have slightly sensitive skin, but this hair did not bother it at all

I would definitely recommend Boss Lady Collection .
— Ronda
From Our Customers
Nice and thick not shedding I did not pluck or bleach knots I just installed it right out pack and btw this is my first wig install I don’t usually wear wigs but my birthday coming up so I thought I’d try it ! So don’t judge too much on the install but I love how it turned out . Thought people would like to see someone who’s inexperienced and what it can be so easily and without dramatic side burns and edges chemicals or even being curled or flat ironed literally did nothing to the wig other than install and blend the lace and I do not wear make up I used the concealer I use on my brows for the wig lace and this is my first ever wig wearing or installing used got 2 be glue freeze spray tied it down and blended part with concealer it doesn’t have to be timely expensive or complicated to look good!
— Alissa Maxwell
From Our Customers
The wig was beautiful and well made pre puckled very well this wig would be great as half up half down hairstyle. it came very quickly so I will give a 5 star rating even tho I am scare of the color
— Tiffany Banks