1 on 1 Classes

$400.00 USD
Proveedor Thebraider.com

1 on 1 class

You don’t have to be the best at what you do. Just be professional about how you do it. Your clients will come.

Have you been searching for an instructor that can help you enhance your braiding and weaving skills? Well look no further. I have been a licensed professional for over 14 years, and doing hair for over 22 years. I am here to help you.

I now offer two types of 1 on 1 classes that can help you upgrade your skill.

Book your 1 on 1 class now. ✔️Availability is limited✔️

For braiding class you will receive 

  1. all supplies you’ll need 
  2. mannequin head (that you can keep)
  3. braiding supplies
  4. 1 wig kit
  5. learn different braid styles 
  6. learn how to make braided wigs
  7. bleaching knots
  8. measurements 
  9. Marketing plan 
  10. certificate 
  11. 6 months of mentorship 

For the hand made wig construction Class you will receive 

  1. 3 bundles of hair (that you can keep)
  2. frontal or closure (that you can keep)
  3. wig kit
  4. needle & thread 
  5. learn how to bleach knots
  6. plucking knots and parts 
  7. measurements 
  8. styling 
  9. Learn how to properly place wig on 
  10. Certificate 
  11. 6 months of mentorship 
  12. Marketing plan